January 2019 - Changes to Moodle archive

The Moodle archive is being decommissioned in September 2019. If you require access for any reason until that time please log a request via ServiceNow describing why you need access and any module codes.

You will not be able to request data for 2011-12 or earlier. Senate regulations and GDPR means that data older than 7 years is deleted.

Mike Hughes
Education & Research Services Manager

March 2015 - Changes to Moodle archive

This Moodle site has been put into 'read-only' mode. This means you can no longer edit content or participate in activities. You CAN still access all the content that you used to access as well as view and download resources and view reports, grades and activities.

Why have we done this? Moodle logs show that there is now very little use of this site. By putting it into read-only mode we can reduce the resources needed to keep it running e.g. turn off daily backups.

If you have any concerns or questions about this please log an issue with the IT Service Desk.

Mike Hughes
Education, Research and Enterprise Services Manager.
Last modified: Friday, 1 February 2019, 11:20 AM